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13 years ago, my day started just like any other. You could say there was nothing special about that day. In fact, nothing extraordinary was expected to happen. However, little did I know what fate had in store for me. indeed, it seems the world had decided to give me the most wonderful gift I could have ever wished for.

I can still recall that day. It was to be such a normal day. Afterall it was just a simple invitation by a friend. An invitation to a local pub to have an innocent drink. A welcome distraction of everyday life and a chance to once more see old friends and reminisce about the past. However, that faithful day had nothing to do with my past and everything to do with my future.

You see, it was on this day that I meet Stefano. The man that would turn my world upside-down and show me the true meaning of Love, care and devotion. Truly the memory of that moment still electrifies me with such wonderful emotions.


Stefano & Lucia


02 Aprile 2022


Palazzo comunale di Avezzano, Osteria La Parigina. Abruzzo.

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Our Wedding Photography


Together we spent 13 wonderful years. And it was during this time that friends and family would always comment and wonder is we would ever actually get married. The truth was that for us this was never in doubt. It was just simply about finding the right set up. The right moment. The right time. And one day that is exactly what happened. We found our moment. The most amazing situation was that after waiting for 13 years to get married we actually organised ourselves in 4 months! It was so fast!

“Considering we had opted for a wedding in April”

It felt like one day we were planning our wedding day and the next day we were actually getting married. I still carry with me today the magical feeling of those days. My admiration and thanks go to everyone. From family, friends, guests and all the people who worked so hard to transform our special day into such wonderful fairy tale.

Considering we had opted for a wedding in April most brides would have been dreading the weather forecast. However, I can truly say that even the weather played its part in helping make our day so magical. The experience of seeing the snow gently falling all around us as I wore my wedding dress was such a beautiful moment. A moment that made me feel as though I was the star actress of a Hollywood movie.

For this and many more reasons everyone and everything that took place on that day will be cherished in our memories forever. From the amazing games organised by our friends to the white snow falling as we entered the registry office. Everyone and everything were just perfect.

“Today, if I was to give advice to someone getting married”

An amazing experience that has left us feeling so proud and so loved by everyone who attended. Such a special moment. A moment that was well worth waiting for. thank you too all.

Today, if I was to give advice to someone getting married or thinking of organising a wedding, I would tell them to find those special people in their lives who know how to understand and interpret their ideas well. Moreover, surround yourselves with people who are on the same wavelength as you. But above all, have fun organizing your special day. You will be amazed at how fast the experience will pass you by.

Stefano & Lucia Xx

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