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Luigi & Marcella




A stand-out memory I have from my wedding day was the weather! I remember the night before thinking. “Help!” the weather. Indeed, I can still recall waking up early, 6 am in the morning and my first thought was to check the sky. It was during that September morning that my worst nightmare appeared to have become a reality. The Sky looked like it had a grey duvet all the way to the horizon. Moreover, its dark menacing shade of grey appeared to promise me the worse outcome imaginable. Rain!

But, even with all this potential pending disaster ahead of me, I wanted to stay positive and brave. In fact, it did not take long before the first people started to arrive at our house. Our intercom very soon started to ring. Firstly, the Hairdressers arrived with their happy smiles and positive attitude. Then the beauticians held what seemed like huge quantities of makeup and mirrors. Not to mention all the family and friends that wanted to come to say hello and wish me the best of luck for my day. If only they all knew my worry. Indeed, with every good luck wish I received I got more and more convinced. Convinced that I would get lucky, that the day would go my way and that the rain would actually stay away.


Luigi & Marcella


17 October 2021


Chiesa della SS Trinità Scurcola Marsicana. Ristorante Relais Magione Papale(AQ)

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Daniele and his team were wonderful. I think they could sense my slight discomfort in front of the camera. Yet they continued to encourage and support us. Moreover, Daniele and his team seemed to find ever more enterprising and interesting ways in which to extinguish the uncertainty I had in front of the camera. He was funny and supportive at the same time. A true professional.

“we felt like Ferragni & Fedez on a Tik-Tok video”

Thinking back to our wedding day it all seemed like such dream. I wish I could say that one moment stood out the most. But the truth is the whole day stood out for me. The whole day was exiting and fun. Furthermore, considering my apprehension for cameras what was even more impressive was that Daniele and his team had made us feel so comfortable. In addition, we felt so relax, so caught up in the moment that by the time we got to cut our wedding cake we felt like Ferragni & Fedez on a Tik-Tok video.

Overall, the service and the experience we had with Daniele and his team was wonderful. Indeed, an experience I would recommend to anyone looking to hire a top-class, professional, wedding photographer.

Daniele, thank you for all the wonderful memories.


(By the way, it did not rain!)

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To know that through our art we can evoke so many happy emotions.
So many smiles, so much positive laughter.
It truly makes this job one of the most rewarding jobs ever.

Daniele Saracino

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