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It seemed like an eternity had passed us by since myself and Cesare had met. Indeed, from the very beginning, we had constructed so many dreams together. However, the dream that kept on repeating itself was the one where we finally got to share with our friends and family our love for one another.

To many people, our decision to get married during a pandemic might not have been the obvious choice. However, we understood the challenge and we did not allow this situation to discourage us from achieving our goal. So, after many twists and turns, confirmations and cancelations we finally set a date.

In fact, it was decided, the 07th August 2021 would be the day our dream would finally come true. Indeed, I can still remember the day we finally made our decision. To me, it felt like the day we had finally put an end to all our speculation. Even to our doubts of not being able to achieve our dream in the midst of such a challenging time. In fact, it was such a moment of beauty and hope. Hope that our lives would and could still be normal. indeed, now that we have had time to reflect. It felt like the moment we crowned our love.


Cesare & M Laura


7 August 2021


Abruzzo Chiesta di San Sebastiano Paterno di Avezzano Ristorante Napoleone

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The result was amazing. the support and love we received from our friends and family touched our hearts. Moreover, it felt like the begging of what it was to live a normal life again. indeed, without the wonderful support and dedication, we received from our family and friends. I don’t think we could have accomplished our goal. From the messages of support to the extraordinary help we received, everyone pulled together and made our wedding day a reality.

“the sounds, the smells. But especially the vision of all our family and friends … “

Like all weddings, the actual day itself was such a rollercoaster of emotions. Ups and downs, twists and turns. But in the end, all were full of excitement, joy and love. Moreover, the day was filled with fun and laughter. Indeed, both myself and Cesare have memories from our wedding day that we will cherish forever. Memories that fill us with so much joy. The sounds, the smells. But especially the vision of all our family and friends together truly made us feel as though we were the luckiest couple on earth.

So, my summary is to anyone thinking about getting married. Do it. Make it happen. Furthermore, remember that obstacles will be put in our way. There will be times when all around you seems to want to stop you. However, remember your love, remember your dream. Think about the goal and the feelings you will achieve once you arrive at your destination. And you will make it happen. In fact, obstacles are healthy. Because it is only once you have surpassed these obstacles that you can truly experience the wonderful range of emotions that success has to offer. And our wedding was an amazing success.

“experience the wonderful range of emotions that success has to offer … “

Finally, I would like to thank all of the services and support teams that made our day happen. From our Florist to my hairdresser, my make-up artist to the restaurant. But particularly our wedding photographer. Daniele and his team. Who throughout the day were courteous, inventive, joyous but above all professional.

Thank you, Daniele, for capturing all of our wonderful day in such a stylish and unforgettable way.

Both myself and Cesare wish you and your team all the success for the future.


Maria Laura & Cesare

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To know that through our art we can evoke so many happy emotions.
So many smiles, so much positive laughter.
It truly makes this job one of the most rewarding jobs ever.

Daniele Saracino

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