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Gianluigi & Valentina




I would like to think of ourselves as an ordinary couple. A couple very much in love, full of hope, and full of dreams for the future. Because of this, we wanted to share our love and bring together all of our friends and family for a special celebration. So, we made plans for our very special day. Our wedding day. For us, the important thing to note was sincerity, honesty, happiness, and joy. So, we searched for a wedding photographer that could somehow do justice to our dreams. And after a lot of research and investigating we found our wedding photographer. Daniel. His photos seemed to capture the truest, most authentic, and sincere aspects of the moment. He seemed to capture such joy and love, such hope and happiness that we just had to hire him as our wedding photographer

Our wedding day was full of love and spontaneity. The desire we had as a couple to share our wedding day with all our friends and family was immense. We knew that their transparency and happiness would elevate our day. Indeed, it was perfect. For us, they were what made our wedding day so special. Our guests were relaxed, happy, and open to all the different kinds of photoshoots Daniele tried to capture. indeed, Daniele and his team were able to capture so many happy moments. As for us. The ability to be able to celebrate our wedding day, together as one big family made this an unforgettable day.


Gianluigi & Valentina


01 August 2021


Chiesa San Francesco di Corvaro di Borgorose Rieti Ristorante villa Giulia

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Our Wedding Photography


From the first moment, we met Daniele we understood that our photos would be “different”. Moreover, we knew Daniel would introduce authenticity and playfulness to our wedding photography. Daniele was able to give shape and substance to our happiness. Furthermore, he achieved this with no artificial poses, no tricks, and no pressure.

“His wedding photography speaks, moves and most importantly it tells a story”

Daniele with his creativity managed to capture what we and all our friends and family felt at that moment in time. Somehow, Daniele managed to capture a picture of our lives. He even managed to capture the overwhelming energy and our true love.

Looking back at our wedding photographs we feel an overwhelming flood of emotions that touch our hearts. He has given us the ability to relieve those intense moments. Moments that were full of love and joy.

To finalize I would like to say that Daniele’s photography style was authentic. It was spontaneous, non-intrusive. It appeared effortless. Moreover, it enabled us to appear just as we wanted to. Naturally. Our wedding photographs thanks to Daniele are full of emotions. Full of our people, our choices, our hearts, our love. Indeed, everything about us. His wedding photography speaks, moves and most importantly it tells a story. A story about our love.

Thank You, Daniele.


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To know that through our art we can evoke so many happy emotions.
So many smiles, so much positive laughter.
It truly makes this job one of the most rewarding jobs ever.

Daniele Saracino

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