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For me, my wedding day felt like the last piece of a beautiful puzzle. A puzzle that needed just one more piece to be completed. Moreover, a puzzle which once complete created such a magnificent picture of love.

I remember my wedding day. I was so excited to wear my beautiful dress. Additionally, I was also so eager to arrive at our church. I just could not wait to see my future husband, along with all our wonderful friends and family. Indeed, I had so many feelings, so many emotions running thorough me that day, that today it still remains difficult to define or explain. The time seemed to pass by like the wind. Extremely fast. I also remember that soon after I got ready it was time to leave the house and get in the car. Indeed, it was time for me to start my journey.

On arrival at the church everything was perfect. It was all as we had planned. Exactly how I wanted it all to be. In reality it felt like a dream “a little like a fairy tale”. In fact, the type of fairy tale most of us dream of as little girls. Or even ladies from a by gone era, who would dream of princess weeding’s. To summarise it was perfect for me.


Guido & Marcia


12 September 2021


Chiesa San Francesco Tagliacozzo (AQ), Villa Elena Morino

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So many lasting memories from our wedding day. However, the ones that will live with me forevermore were. Arriving at the church and seeing my future husband waiting for me at the altar. In fact, he was not waiting alone. Actually, he was waiting for me with our son. The vision of them together waiting for me. Welcoming me into the church is an image that will be engraved in my memory and close to my heart forever.

“Honestly, none of us expected that taking wedding photographs could be so much fun.”

To add to my long list of wonderful memories of that day there was a poignant moment with my father. We had such a beautiful dance together. Indeed, a moment I wish I could relive every day. Not to mention the amazing party with all our family and friends and the wonderful speeches and toasts.

Surprisingly enough the other amazingly fun occurrence was at the start of the day. When Daniele, our wedding photographer arrived with his team at our house. Honestly, none of us expected that taking wedding photographs could be so much fun. Surprisingly I never got bored or frustrated, not even for a second. In fact, Daniele and his team made the whole experience super fun. In addition, we laughed and we had fun throughout. All the photos were a joy. Importantly they managed to demonstrate exactly what we wanted. The beautiful experience that was our wedding. Alongside the love we had for all our friends and family.

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To know that through our art we can evoke so many happy emotions.
So many smiles, so much positive laughter.
It truly makes this job one of the most rewarding jobs ever.

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