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So many years had passed since I had meet Fabrizio. Indeed, in a flash well over a decade had passed us by! You see, our wedding day was to be the culmination of eleven wonderful years spent together. And in that time, we had grown, we had evolved, we had never lost the joy, the wonderful irony, but most importantly of all. We had never lost our respect and our love for each other.

I can still remember the felling of excitement, the positive enthusiasm as we both immediately got to work on our wedding goals. So, one day we finally got all our wedding plans together and decided to launch our own wedding day countdown. However, it seemed we had not taken into account one potential problem. A small worldwide pandemic that seems to affect the human race once every 100 years. And it turned out that this pandemic had decided to arrive precisely at the most inconvenient time for our wedding plans. In fact, I remember feeling as though Covid-19 had arrived to spoil all of our plans. Covid had unfortunately forced us to do what we had never wanted to. Postpone our wedding! Yet, instead of discouraging us, it managed to make our desire to get married even stronger.


Fabrizio & Diana


17 July 2021


Chiesa San Michele Arcangelo (San Pelino). Casale Signorini, L'Aquila

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“We never lost our faith in our wedding planning”

I can still recall the unbelievable enthusiasm and excitement I had when I was choosing my wedding dress. It was the first moment where everything seemed to finally be making progress. In fact, I could touch my dress, see my dress, and weirdly enough smell my brand-new wedding dress. It was such a moment. A moment I remember thinking, “wow! we are finally getting married”.

We were well on our way. Time seemed to fly. We had made so much progress in our wedding preparations. From the choice of the beautiful bridesmaids’ dresses in their wonderful magenta colors. To send all our invitations in the post. It all felt right. Indeed, it made us so aware, so awakened to the life choice we had made.

Even with the constant ever-changing laws on Covid certificates, gathering guidelines, and proximity distances. We never lost our faith in our wedding planning.

Eventually, our day arrived. The emotion we saw in our friends and family as we finally said “YES” to our wedding vows was indescribable and unforgettable. Even our wedding witness with their shining eyes and our guests with their radiant smiles along with their glances of joy and happiness made it all so special. All of these and so many more indescribable, yet unforgettable memories we both hold are still engraved in our hearts. For this and so many reasons, we are so happy and grateful to everyone who attended our wedding day. In fact, not only our family and friends but to all of those who contributed their services and their professionalism to our wonderful day.

“Despite the rain, our wedding ran smoothly”

Today, we are able to relive our incredible memories thanks to our beautiful wedding photography and our incredible wedding video. Indeed, we can honestly say that the work produced by Daniele Saracino and his wonderful team have made it possible for us to revisit our wedding day whenever we want to. Like a time machine to the past. A doorway to our happy place. Daniele and his team provided wedding photography and wedding videography service with the utmost professionalism. In Fact, from the very start of the day, through to the ceremony, the restaurant, Daniele and his team were flawless. And in spite of everything our wedding threw at us, including the rain. Daniele and the team continued to reassure and humor us. Honestly, it was such a comfort.

Especially when I think back to the photos, we took at the beautiful garden of the castle located at Signorini restaurant in L’Aquila. Those rain droplets seemed to give a deeper meaning to our photoshoot. Indeed, they seemed to rest on the rose petals as if they were dew on an early morning. At the end of that rain, those water droplets made for some truly unique and special photographs.

Despite the rain, our wedding ran smoothly. Everyone who worked on our wedding day was so professional, so considerate. So much so that for most of the day we did not even notice them. They all made our wedding experience feel natural and spontaneous. In fact, we can’t recommend everyone highly enough.

“talking about my wedding has made me want to”

In summary, we wish our wedding day could have run later into the evening. However, due to the curfew, Covid restrictions we had to abide by our evening was prematurely cut short. Reluctantly, that evening of the 17 had to end so early. However, thanks to an innovative USB stick and computer files provided by Daniele, today I can still relieve those precious moments whenever I want.

In fact, all this talking about my wedding has made me want to go and replay it once more.

Let the fun begin … are you ready to watch it together?


Diana and Fabrizio.

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To know that through our art we can evoke so many happy emotions.
So many smiles, so much positive laughter.
It truly makes this job one of the most rewarding jobs ever.

Daniele Saracino

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